Food items appear in your pet's inventory and can be fed to your pet, or taken out of inventory and placed in the same manner as furniture. Food can be bought in the coffee shop where Maggie works. In addition, apples will grow on the trees outside and can be shaken down. Food is also a common reward for participating in quests and games. If you go without eating, it will slow your character down.

List of FoodEdit

Food Home Price Away Price Sellback Price
Meat Platter
Green Grape Juice
Red Apple
Green Apple
Piza Slice 180
Neapolitian Ice Cream 125
Hot Dog 130
Tamago Sushi 95 190
Strawberry Tart 105
Pokki 116
Paradise 236
Milk 85
Fried Spring Chicken 125 250
Orange Juice
Cherry Cake
Pie Slice
Root Beer
Curry Rice
Pineapple 90
Small Pie
Hot Chocolate 195
Green Star
Egg Tart
Pork Knuckle
Grape Juice
Chocolate Cake
Mud Pie
Garden Salad
Ice Cream Cone 185 370
Pomelo 105
Soba 105 210
Lava Cake 185
Tomato Soup 109 218
Cappuccino 70 140

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