Summary Edit

Cha-ching! Don is rich, but also has a stuck-up attitude.

He is a Siberian Husky, and he likes expensive things!

He will sometimes call your character poor (without offense of course!) and he will go on about how he will invite some of the other characters to his house.

Don wears a brown leather jacket, grey shirt, a golden necklace, and jeans.

Don's house is also filled with expensive and golden items...including a golden statue of his face....

Quotes Edit

"Whiff's house is totally not my kind of place! So dirty, messy, and unkept!"

"I lent my favorite pair of gold-threaded pants to Winnie. I hope he takes good care of it!"

"Ah! The sun is shining brightly! Time to invite Maggie for a swim in my million-dollar pool!"

"Need to make a trip down to Philip's shop and get that gold renaissance closet!"

"Hey, don't take this wrongly, but you look kinda poor. Are you broke or something?"

"I really don't know how to get home from here. I'll need to call my chauffeur!"

"I can't decide if I want to buy a car or have a pool party for my birthday. I'll just do both!"

Trivia Edit

  • Don shows to be a neat person.
  • If you chat with him he might say that he goes in the trash to see his how his house would look with that trash.
  • Don possibly likes Maggie.
  • His symbol is a crown- to show that he is royal by all his cash.
  • He has a golden fishing rod, as mentioned by Calvin.
  • Don's wealth could support ten generations, if he would save half of it monthly, as mentioned by Albert.