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1) Mojo, 2) Philip, 3) Tira, 4) Maggie, 5) Barnie, 6) Calvin, 7) Sarah, 8) Thomas, 9) Winnie, 10) Albert, 11) Biskit, 12) Don, 13) Dizzy, 14) Whiff, 15) Blue, 16) Monique, 17) Bubbles, 18) Chicken

Happy Pet Story CharactersEdit


The local mayor who is obsessed with keeping the town clean. You can visit his house by selecting the 'Friends' icon in mini menu. House theme is Classy. Tiger.


A carpenter and owner of the Furniture shop. Sell fish to him to get a good price. Purple bear.


Owner of the Fashion shop. Pink Poodle.


A cute chef, barista, and owner of the Cafe. Sell caught fish to her to get the best price and meet new friends. Hamster.


A hairstylist and owner of the Salon.Talking to her and selecting "I'm ready for my makeover!" will allow you to redesign your pet. Loves gossip. Hamster.


A fisherman that can always be found outside. Speak to him to be taken to the fishing area. If you pay him 2000 coins, he will show you a catalog of which fish are available during the current hour. Fox.


A townie who is always staying fit and healthy. Her house has a pair of tennis shoes on it. House theme is Sporty. Margay cat.


A charming bus driver that can be found near the Notice Board. Talking to him and selecting "Surprise Visit" will take you to a random town. Bear.


A cute and funny comedian. His house is decorated with balloons. House theme is Carnival. Jack Russel Terrier.


A mad scientist. House theme is Science. Wolf.


A cute sweet girl who loves desserts. Always ask for food requests. Her house has ice cream on it. House theme is Foodie. Lamb.


Arrogant and a snob, he can apparently be a good friend if he wants to. House theme is Opulent. Siberian Husky.


A nervous, nerdy student. His house has a pair of glasses on it. House theme is Nerdy. Bear.


A monkey who loves to fart. Tap him a few or many times to see him cry. House theme is Gamer. Monkey.


A punk rocker. Though she is not the color blue, her feelings sure is. Her house has a set of drums on it. House theme is Rocker. Fish.

Monique (Monica)Edit

A fashionista and beauty queen. Obsessed with fashion and roses. House theme is Classic. Bunny.


A cheerful TV star and pop star with a zest for life. Her house has a pink bow on it. House theme is Candypop. Bunny.